Taunton constituency MP Jeremy Browne has welcomed David Cameron’s visit to see how the local CAB has benefited from increased Liberal Democrat funding. But he urged the Conservative leader to get tough with the hard-line right-wing policies of the Conservative candidate.

Jeremy Browne said:

“Taunton Deane Liberal Democrats increased enormously funding for the CAB in the 1990s to help the victims of the Conservative recession.

“The biggest boost to Taunton Deane CAB funding has come from the Liberal Democrats. The Conservatives have dragged behind when it comes to financial support for the CAB.

“So I welcome David Cameron’s decision to come to Taunton and celebrate the positive difference that the Liberal Democrats have made to our community.

“I hope David Cameron also took the opportunity to rein-in the hard-line right-wing policies of the Taunton Conservatives.

“His candidate wants to bring back hanging for offences less than murder and pull Britain out of the European Union.

“The latter policy would result in Britain losing the benefits of the single market and would be catastrophic for local businesses during this recession.”