Jeremy Browne joins Street Pastors on late-night patrol in Taunton

Taunton Deane MP Jeremy Browne has been seeing how the Street Pastors are helping to tackle crime and protect the public in our area. He joined them on-the-beat for a late night patrol in Taunton town centre.

Jeremy said,

“The Street Pastors are making a real and impressive contribution to our community. They are helping the police to make our streets safer. When we were on patrol that involved tidying up broken glass and looking after vulnerable women.

They are not a substitute for the police but they are an important extra resource. They are a great example of people making a positive difference. And the Street Pastors are all volunteers. It is very welcome to have so many civic-minded people in Taunton Deane and I enjoyed joining them on patrol.’

Post Author: Brenda W. Corey

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