Jeremy Browne MP congratulates fundraising efforts by local Bowel Cancer Support Group

Jeremy Browne MP has been to find out about the fundraising efforts of local support group for bowel cancer and the vital work they do helping people who have bowel cancer.

Jeremy said,
“The Bowel Cancer Support Group in Taunton do a great job of not only supporting local people who have the cancer, but also raising money to help fund research into the disease. The group meet and offer support for people who are battling the disease and their families. This support is crucial for people as it makes them realise they are not alone in fighting this disease. And gives them all the information they need.

“The NHS screening programme for Bowel Cancer means that the disease is being caught early for many individuals which is key. The work and fundraising the Taunton Deane support group do is also vitally important.”

Post Author: Brenda W. Corey

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