Today's highlights

Jeremy is in Parliament.

Campaign updates

  • Jeremy will be visiting the newly refurbished Taunton Swimming Pool today.
    Friday 13th June at 08:11 | |

  • Jeremy will be visiting Swallowfield with Sir Graham Watson tomorrow.
    Thursday 8th May at 14:51 | |

  • Jeremy is visiting Halcon Primary School tomorrow.
    Thursday 1st May at 12:44 | |

  • Jeremy is attending a meeting with Crown Estate tenants today.
    Thursday 24th April at 14:01 | |

  • Jeremy will be announcing the winner of the 2013 Christmas Card Competition on Friday.
    Wednesday 27th November at 09:57 | |

  • Jeremy is undertaking a blind-fold bus trip tomorrow to highlight difficulties faced by visually impaired people on public transport.
    Thursday 5th September at 12:43 | |

  • Jeremy is attending the fabulous Taunton Flower Show today.
    Friday 2nd August at 13:08 | |

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